upon moving to italy in 2016, Jessika was completing her thesis in environmental studies and wrote a natural history “biopic” about abruzzo’s forests and shoreline -a bioregion similar to her own in the pacific northwest.

Charadrius alexandrinus , “Fratino”

Charadrius alexandrinus, “Fratino”

through this research, She fell in love with silvi’s white sand beaches, pure crystal azure waters, and the magenta streaked sunsets that colored the many warm italian summer nights. As her eight-year old son solomon once said,

“even the moon is more beautiful in Italy”


After over a decade in designer sales and management for barney’s New York,Intermix, diesel, calypso christiane celle, brooklyn industries & free people, jessika opened her own gallery-boutique in the sands of the adriatic dunes, inspired by the many open-air markets she visited around Europe, india, and South america, when traveling with her husband, who works within sustainable tuna fishery management.

le correnti features artists from seattle, wa; los angeles, ca; richmond, va, and local artists in abruzzo. along with a selection of found objects from beziers, the maldives, india, there are also vintage pieces refined by italian artisans in abruzzo. Le correnti logos are stamped by hand at a design house locally in silvi marina


designed FOr the Traveler within…

come find le correnti within the dunes of italy’s adriatic coast.